Fetal Tissue Research and Christian Bioethics: A Review of the Scientific Developments, Policy Landscape, and Ethical Considerations (2022 Edition)


Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

Editorial Introduction
Edward R. Grant, JD, MA; Michael J. Sleasman, PhD; Heather Zeiger, MS, MA

I. Overview and Legislative Background

1. Fetal Tissue Research: Enduring Controversy, New Contexts
Edward R. Grant, JD, MA

2. Regulation of Human Fetal Tissue Research in the United States
David A. Prentice, PhD

3. Trafficking in Fetal Tissue: Regulatory and Policy Considerations
Michelle Kirtley, PhD

II. Ethics of Fetal Tissue Research

4. The Ethics of Fetal Tissue Research: Catholic Perspective
Edward R. Grant, JD, MA

5. Fetal Tissue Research: An Orthodox Christian Approach
Matthew Vest, PhD

6. The Ethics of Human Fetal Tissue Research: An Evangelical Approach
Josh Wester, MDiv

III. Science of Human Fetal Tissue

7. The Science of Human Fetal Tissue Research
Maria B. Feeney, PhD; Tara Sander Lee, PhD

8. Alternatives to Using Aborted Fetal Tissue for Research
Tara Sander Lee, PhD; David A. Prentice, PhD

IV. Appendices

Appendix 1: Paige Cunningham’s Congressional Testimony