• Being Clinically Depressed: The Positive Effects of Gracious Christian Religion on Mental Health

  • Exploitation in the Global Medical Enterprise: Bioethics & Social Injustice

  • Developments in the Practice of Physician-Assisted Death Since Its Legalization in the Netherlands

  • Opioids and the Ethics of Pain Management and Addiction

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CBHD's 24th annual summer conference, Genetic & Reproductive Technologies, will be from June 22-24, 2017 at Trinity International University.

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Introducing Intersections

There is a new conversation arising. How do we continue to live God-centered lives in this increasingly advanced medical and technology age? What choices should we make when faced with moral issues we have never faced before?

CBHD recently created a space for these conversations to converge. We call it Intersections: A forum for the Christian Life in our MedTech age.

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