Transformations in Care

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity 
23rd Annual Summer Conference
June 16 - 18, 2016
Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL


CBHD 23rd Annual Summer Conference - Transformations in Care

From the early establishment of hospitals as philanthropic endeavors to the modern era of healthcare, the context and care for the patient have evolved with ever-increasing rapidity.

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity’s 23rd Annual Summer Conference Transformations in Care explores transformations occurring in the paradigms and practice of clinical care and clinical ethics, the rising emphasis on professionalism and spirituality, as well as prospects for the future of care through developments in precision medicine.

Conference Objectives:

Identify the prospects and challenges for the evolving landscape of bioethical engagement within the context of shifting global and societal realities and advances in medicine and biotechnology.

Explore & discuss the ethical implications of recent developments in medicine, science, and technology with respect to our individual and common humanity.

Evaluate contemporary bioethical discourses in light of ethical approaches that include philosophical, religious, and other perspectives from the medical humanities.

Promote interdisciplinary engagement on pressing bioethical issues.

Plenary Speakers



  • Intensive Bioethics Institute (BE5100) - D. Joy Riley, MD
  • Advanced Bioethics Institute (BE6500) - Michael J. Sleasman, PhD
  • Basic Bioethics for Professionals Institute (BE476x) - Joyce Shelton, PhD
  • Bioethics National Conference Course (BE5900) - Hans Madueme, MD, PhD
  • Post-Conference Seminar - Bioethics in Film & Fiction Seminar - Christina Bieber Lake, PhD


1-Day Preconference Workshops


Themed Workshops

  • Born Inferior? | Hosted by Americans United for Life with Anna Paprocki, JD
  • Should There be Limits on Conscientious Refusals in Healthcare? | Hosted by The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity with Cheyn Onarecker, MD, MA
  • Crispy and CRISPR—Embryos Made to Order | Hosted by The Charlotte Lozier Institute with David Prentice, PhD
  • Organ Procurement Theories and Sacredness of Life in the ICU | Hosted by Christian Medical & Dental Associations with Allen H. Roberts II, MD, MDiv, FCCP, FACP
  • Eugenics and Transhumanism in the Modern Age: The Pursuit of Biological “Perfection” at What Cost? | Hosted by Family Research Council with Arina Grossu, MA
  • Quality of Life and the Statistical Outlier: On Caring in the Industrial Age | Hosted by Joni & Friends with Kathy McReynolds, PhD


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