Strategic Priorities

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity (CBHD) is a Christian bioethics research center at Trinity International University that explores the nexus of biomedicine, biotechnology, and our common humanity. CBHD fosters a distinctly Christian approach to bioethics that is both academically rigorous and broadly accessible and is committed to rigorous research, theological and conceptual analysis, charitable critique, and thoughtful engagement.

The fulfillment of the mission of CBHD guides all of our strategic priorities. Currently, our funding priorities are:
  • The Center Fund 
    The Center Fund supports the everyday operations of the Center. Every penny contributed to The Center Fund helps support CBHD's people and programs, and it is critical to our ongoing work and success. Year in and year out, it is CBHD's top fundraising priority, and it is critical to our work and success.


  • The Dignity Fund -- Special Projects
    Designtated gifts fund special projects for focused impact beyond the scope of our everyday operations. While the Center Fund remains our primary funding priority, individuals or organizations who are particularly inspired to partner with us in one or more of these special projects are encouraged to designate a portion of their donation for the respective project(s). Currently we are highlighting these Special Projects:
    • Immediate Impact (where needed most): Enables the staff to move forward with strategic opportunities as they arise.

    • Academy of Fellows: Advances cutting-edge Christian scholarship in bioethics through Academy events and collaborative research opportunities. To learn more information please visit our Academy of Fellows page here.

    • International Bioethics Scholars Program Fund: Funds short term study visits to CBHD for rising and established international scholars and modest grants to foster Christian bioethics engagement in their home country. GBEI also supports the disbursement of Christian bioethics resource kits to seminary and university libraries around the world. To learn more information about GBEI please visit the more complete description here.

    • Her Dignity Network & the Center's Initiative in Global Women's Health Fund: Expands Her Dignity Network, the Center’s project that concentrates people, organizations, and resources on compelling issues in the life and health of women and girls worldwide. To learn more about Her Dignity Network and our Initiaitive in Global Women's Health, please visit the more complete description here.

    • CBHD Research Library & Pellegrino Special Collection: Funds continued acquisitions to expand the unique holdings of our Research Library that include archival materials from various presidential bioethics commissions and the Edmund D. Pellegrino Special Collection in Medical Ethics & Philosophy. To learn more about the Center's Research Library and special collections, please visit the more complete description here.

    • Interns: Funds stipends and defrays travel and lodging expenses to make academic year and summer internships with CBHD more accessible to a wider range of undergraduate and graduate students.

    • The John F. Kilner Student Mentorship Fund: Established to honor John F. Kilner, PhD, and his commitment to the care of and influence on students in Christian bioethics for more than twenty-five years, this fund provides opportunities for students to enrich their educational experience and more deeply engage in Christian bioethics through mentored internships, research assistantships, and awards for excellence in bioethics scholarship.