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Developments in the Practice of Physician-Assisted Death Since Its Legalization in the Netherlands

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CRISPR Update: Considerations for a Rapidly Evolving and Transformative Technology

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“Womb Transplant Babies”: A Preliminary Exploration of Recent Biomedical Advances

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Bioethics in Transition: Framing the Discussion


It was my privilege this year to frame the discussion that we embarked upon at our 2014 annual summer conference. On an annual basis we put together a proposal for future conference themes. That process though begins much earlier through the Center’s ongoing work in trend analysis. A multitude of considerations are brought to bear as we identify the particular strategic theme for any given conference and event. Our executive director Paige Cunningham has described the trend analysis component of our work as a sort of sentry in the watchtower, alert to changes in the various winds of bioethical inquiry.

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Being Clinically Depressed: The Positive Effects of Gracious Christian Religion on Mental Health

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