2014 Bioethics in Transition Conference Audio



An MP3 audio set containing all five plenary speakers from the 2014 Summer Conference Bioethics in Transition including the opening and concluding sessions:

  • Bioethics in Transition: Framing the Discussion - Michael J. Sleasman, PhD
  • Enduring Issues in Bioethics - Gilbert Meilaender, PhD
  • Dead Brains and Cold Hearts - Jeffrey P. Bishop, MD, PhD
  • From Biomedical Ethics to Global Bioethics - Henk ten Have, MD, PhD 
  • Transitiongs and Trends in Bioethics: Rural Health Care Ethics and Interprofessional Education - Lisa Anderson-Shaw, DrPH, MA, MSN
  • Bioethics in Public Policy: The Past and Future Challenges - Richard M. Doerflinger, MA
  • Bioethics in Transition: Reframing the Discussion - Paige Comstock Cunningham, JD


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