2013 Health and Human Flourishing Conference Audio



An MP3 audio set containing all four plenaries and five symposium speakers from the 2013 Summer Conference Health and Human Flourishing including the conference welcome, introductory, and concluding sessions:

  • Conference Welcome & Framing the Discussion - Paige Comstock Cunningham, JD
  • Conditions for Human Flourishing - Francis Cardinal George, OMI, Archbishop of Chicago
  • Shalomic Nursing: Flourishing and Professional Care - Bart Cusveller, PhD
  • Symposium: Health and Human Flourishing through the Lens of  . . . 
    • Physical Health - Cheyn Onarecker, MD
    • Patient Care - Jane Hall, BSN, MS
    • Research - Joyce Shelton, PhD
    • Mental Health - William Struthers, PhD
    • Disability - Kathy McReynolds, PhD
  • Human Flourishing: In Sickness and in Health - Allen Verhey, PhD
  • Advancing Science While Respecting Life: The Future of the Stem Cell Debates - William B. Hurlbut, MD
  • Reframing the Discussion - Michael J. Sleasman, PhD


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