2010 Beyond Therapy Conference Audio



An audio set containing all 7 plenaries from the 2010 Summer Conference Beyond Therapy: Exploring Enhancement and Human Futures and a bonus panel discussion:

  • Embodiment, Biotechnology and Human Dignity - William B. Hurlbut, MD
  • Physicians, Patients, and Other Endangered Species: Late Modern Medicine and Bioethics - Brent Waters, DPhil
  • Virtual Paradise? Being Human in a World of Digitized Reality and Artificial Life - Michael J. Sleasman, PhD
  • Race and the New Biocitizen What Kind of Dignity Do They Have? - Dorothy Roberts, JD
  • New Medicine and the Pursuit of Superhealth - William P. Cheshire, Jr., MD
  • Regenerative Medicine - Maureen Condic, PhD
  • Mommy Mistakes? Bioethics and the Rhetoric of Shame - Amy Laura Hall, PhD
  • Panel Discussion - Amy Laura Hall, PhD, William Hurlbut, MD, and Maureen Condic, PhD


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