Grey Matters: Just Enhancement

As the United States considers how best to restrain the growth of healthcare costs while ensuring quality and access, the potential economic impact of proposals for enhancement medicine should not be overlooked. This essay makes the case that the practice of neuroenhancement, if it were to become widespread, would infringe upon the ethical principle of distributive justice.

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Facebook and the Fusiform Gyrus : A Neurologic Perspective on Social Online Networking for the Cultivation of Global Bioethics


2009 Parallel Paper Presentation, Global Bioethics: Emerging Challenges Facing Human Dignity.

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Grey Matters: Accelerated Thought in the Fast Lane

The quest for speed has increasingly driven the course of progress. The history of technology records remarkable innovations to advance the cause of speed in communication and travel in particular. Emerging neuropharmaceutical technologies now introduce the prospect of accelerating the speed of thought.

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Grey Matters: Till We Have Minds


“Nothing is yet in its true form.”1    C. S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces

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How Much Brain Do I Need To Be Human?

Some time ago on a hospital ethics committee consult, the patient was an anencephalic child, born in the hospital’s NICU.  The physician had brought the case to the committee and held the view that no symptoms should be treated aggressively.

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Will the Next Great Awakening Begin with Caffeine? Cognitive Enhancing Drugs & the Church (Part 2)

This is the second part of a colloquium given at Trinity International University. 
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