Research Ethics

Scientists, Ethics, and Public Engagement

In a refreshingly candid “point of view” piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education, the CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) calls for scientists to make a greater effort to get to know “their fellow citizens.” Alan Leshner, who is also the executive publisher of the journal Science, perceptively points out:

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A Review of the Novel Intuition

Jewish American novelist Allegra Goodman was already delving deep into such issues before this scandal broke in January 2006. In her most recent novel Intuition, Goodman offers an unflinching look at the strengths and weaknesses of a diverse cast of characters as they confront the real-life pressures inherent in scientific research today. Goodman weaves a host of themes throughout the progression of her narrative, including the role of perception in defining reality; competing epistemologies; and the place of individual recognition and achievement in a collective atmosphere.

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The Real Lesson of the Korean Cloning Scandal


While details of the Korean cloning scandal involving disgraced scientist Hwang Woo-suk continue to unfold, there is no doubt regarding the central fraud he perpetrated—surely to be ranked among the great scandals in the annals of scientific research.

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