The Cult of Human Health and the Key to Flourishing in Sickness: Excerpts from 'Human Flourishing—In Sickness and in Health'

This audio address includes several excerpts from the 2013 plenary address by Allen Verhey, PhD, at CBHD’s 20th annual summer conference, Health and Human Flourishing. These excerpts from Dr. Verhey’s plenary entitled: “Human Flourishing: In Sickness and in Health” explore the cult of human health and the key to flourishing in sickness.

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The Changing Conscience of Healthcare: Vows vs. Laws in the Anatomy of a Profession

This paper considers the concept of conscience from an individual as well as a corporate perspective, examining both what it is and what it is not. It will consider the impact that changes in our healthcare system, particularly the regulation of moral determinations and the ways in which such regulations alter the object of professional obligations, will have on the concept of medicine as a profession.

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The Christian Hippocratic Tradition in Medicine

To some people it may seem anachronistic that the aim of Ethics & Medicine is to ‘reassert the Hippocratic consensus in medicine as seen through the lens of the Judeo-Christian tradition.’ What is Hippocratic medicine?
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