Show Me State Duped by Deceptive Amendment 2

Executive Director of The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity (CBHD) C. Ben Mitchell, PhD, says of the passage of Missouri’s Amendment 2: “This is no triumph for science, it is a victory for dishonesty and confusion—a new Tower of Babel—where words have no meaning.”

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Open Letter from Experts in Science, Medicine, Law, and Ethics on the Cloning Provisions of Missouri's Amendment 2

A key question regarding Missouri's proposed Amendment 2 is: Would this constitutional amendment prohibit or promote "human cloning"? As individuals who have studied this issue in depth, we hold that it clearly authorizes and promotes human cloning.

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Veritas? Harvard's Stem Cell Initiative

Last night I read a press release announcing Harvard University's launch of a privately funded program that will create cloned embryos for the purpose of embryonic stem cell research. I wondered how the institution would handle the ethical controversy surrounding the procedure so I read an article in the Harvard Gazette.[1] Doing so left me thinking how ironic it is that the school's seal bears the Latin word for "truth."

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The Real Lesson of the Korean Cloning Scandal


While details of the Korean cloning scandal involving disgraced scientist Hwang Woo-suk continue to unfold, there is no doubt regarding the central fraud he perpetrated—surely to be ranked among the great scandals in the annals of scientific research.

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