Clinical Ethics Working Group


Clinical ethics involves the identification, analysis, and resolution of ethical issues that arise in the care of specific cases.  Care issues at the bedside are when the principles and theories of bioethics and ethics in general as well as an individual's worldview are tested in real time.

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity actively encourages the development and commentary of clinical cases from a Christian worldview.  

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Case Studies Produced by CBHD's Clinical Ethics Working Group

  • Ethics & Medicine 25:3 "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Continuing 'Futille' ICU Support at Relative's Insistence" Robert D. Orr
  • Today’s Christian Doctor 40:2 "Clinical Ethics Case Consultations: What is the Role of the Ethics Consultant in Peer Review?” Gregory Rutecki
  • Ethics & Medicine 25:2 "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas On the permissibility of a DNR order for patient with dismal prognosis" Ryan Nash
  • Ethics & Medicine 25:1 "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Is it permissible to forgo emergent restorative surgery in this case?" Dennis Sullivan and Susan Salladay
  • Ethics & Medicine 24:3  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: The Rights and Responsibilities of Pregnant Women" Susan Haack
  • Today’s Christian Doctor 39:4 "Clinical Ethics Consultation: Support (or Shock) Him Until He Confesses His Faith" David Smith
  • Ethics & Medicine 24:2  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Is it Permissibile to Forgo Life-Saving Dialysis?" Robert Cranston
  • Today’s Christian Doctor 39:2 "Clinical Ethics Consultation: Pregnant with Thyrotoxicosis --- Ethical Options" Christian Vercler
  • Ethics & Medicine 24:1  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Is it Permissible to Shut Off this Pacemaker?" Ferdinand D. Yates, Jr. and Robert D. Orr
  • Today’s Christian Doctor 38:3 "Clinical Ethics Consultation: MD Attempts Suicide."  Robert E. Cranston
  • Hastings Center Report 37:6 "Old Enough."  Robert D. Orr
  • Ethics & Medicine 23:3  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Permissibility to Stop Off-Label Use of Expensive Drug Treatment for Child." Daniel A. Beals
  • Ethics & Medicine 23:2  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Permissibility to Accept Refusal of Potentially Life-Saving Treatment." Gregory W. Rutecki
  • Today’s Christian Doctor 38:1 "Clinical Ethics Consultation: She’s Not Ready to Die."  J. Reitman
  • Ethics & Medicine 23:1  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Permissibility to Stop Man’s Ventilator on his Request (SDA Minister)."  John Dunlop
  • Today’s Christian Doctor 37:3  "Clinical Ethics Consultation: To Intubate or Not to Intubate."  Robert D. Orr
  • Ethics & Medicine 22.3  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Limitation of Treatment Decisions for Unwanted Neonate."  Susan Haak
  • Ethics & Medicine 21:3  "Clinical Ethics Case Consultation: Feeding Tube after Stroke."  Ferdinand D. Yates
  • Ethics & Medicine 21:2  "Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Adolescent Jehovah’s Witness Refuses Transfusion."  Robert E. Cranston and Daniel A. Beals
  • Ethics & Medicine 18:3  "Clinical Ethics Case Consultation: Painful Experimental Surgery on Handicapped Newborn."  Robert D. Orr
  • Ethics & Medicine 18:2  "Clinical Ethics Case Consultation: Blood Products and/or ECMO in Infant of Jehovah’s Witness Parents."  Robert D. Orr
  • Ethics & Medicine 18:1  "Clinical Ethics Case Consultation: Feeding Tube after Stroke."  Robert D. Orr

AMA Virtual Mentor Case Studies Produced by CBHD's Clinical Ethics Working Group

The American Medical Association (AMA) encourages study and discussion of cases by adding a new clinical dilemma to its "Virtual Mentor" webpage each month along with two or more commentaries by individuals experienced in clinical ethics. The Center is pleased to encourage the participation of its various constituents in the development of this valuable resource.


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