Communities of Influence:

Through our expanding communities of influence, CBHD is drawing together professionals and academics, as well as everyday laypeople, to actively engage bioethics in the academic sphere, at the bedside, in the local church, and in the public square. Our Academy of Fellows represents key thought leaders throughout the diversity of academic disciplines engaged in bioethical scholarship. Our Healthcare Ethics Council brings together healthcare professionals and caregivers to identify and respond to the pressing bioethical questions that arise at the bedside. Additional communities include a group focused on bioethics in the church and a group dedicated to exploring bioethics in law and science policy.


Global Bioethics Education Initiative:

In 2009, the Center launched the Global Bioethics Education Initiative (GBEI). The purpose of GBEI is to invest in both rising and established international professionals and scholars who will further advance contextually sensitive Christian bioethical engagement globally. GBEI scholars spend one month of concentrated research and strategic planning at the Center. During this time, scholars dialogue with CBHD scholars and fellows to foster mutual learning and professional networking. At the end of the experience, scholars are invited to submit proposals to compete for a GBEI grant. Through this initiative, CBHD continues to cultivate an international network of bioethicists who promote scholarship committed to a Judeo-Christian worldview and the wealth of the Hippocratic tradition in medicine. To learn more about GBEI, please click here.


Global Women's Health Initiative:

The Center's initiative on global women's health engages the broad spectrum of women's health issues with particular emphasis upon a consistent view of human dignity across the entire lifespan of girls and women from conception through death. A key aspect of this initiative is Her Dignity Network. To learn more about this initiative, please click here



Current Research:

The Center’s research seeks to provide a variety of resources aimed across the spectrum of academic and popular literature to address the pressing ethical issues of our day at the intersection of biomedicine, biotechnology, and our common humanity. These volumes include current research projects involving Center staff, the facilitation of Center sponsored monographs and collaborative projects involving consultants, fellows, and affiliates, ongoing book series, and introductory materials explaining the basic issues raised in bioethics. To learn more about current research, please click here.


If you would like to learn more about any of these initiatives or would like to get involved with a particular community of influence, please contact us through our contact form