Global Bioethics Bibliography


The following sources do not necessarily reflect the Center's position or values. These sources, however, are excellent resources for familiarizing oneself with all sides of the relevant issues.

General and Regional Perspectives | Governance & Economics | Medical Tourism | Research Ethics | Women's Health


General and Regional Perspectives

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Out of Print

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Governance & Economics

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Out of Print

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Medical Tourism

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Out of Print

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Research Ethics

See related materials in the Research Ethics Bibliography.

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Out of Print

  • Capps, Benjamin J. and Alastair V. Campbell, eds. Bioethics and the Global Politics of Stem Cell Science: Medical Applications in a Pluralistic World. London, UK: Imperial College Press, 2010.


Women’s Health

See related materials in the Women’s Health Bibliography.

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Out of Print

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For additional related material, see the Cross-Cultural and Public Policy Bibliographies.



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