The Scandal of Bioethics: Reclaiming Christian Influence in Technology, Science, & Medicine


The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity 
18th Annual Summer Conference
July 14-16, 2011
Trinity International University, Deerfield, ILCBHD 18th Annual Conference - The Scandal of Bioethics

Forty years after the concept of “bioethics” was introduced, it has emerged as the moral umpire in the fields of medicine, science, and technology. The bioethics of today is a broader enterprise than the familiar realm of medical ethics. Originally conversant with Christian moral reflection, bioethics has emigrated from bedside consultations to interdisciplinary research, public policy debates, and wider cultural and social conversations that all privilege secular discourse. The Scandal of Bioethics glances backward to ask questions about the legacy of Christian thought in bioethics, while facing the future, the purpose, and the place of Christian thought in bioethics. The time has come to address the tough questions: Has ‘Christian bioethics’ made any difference? Will Christians lead with moral courage and imagination? Is there a future for right of conscience in medicine and research? This conference will also address related trends in women’s health and reproductive ethics, the growing role of empirical research, global health, and a vision of biotechnology that affirms both human dignity and human flourishing.



Plenary Speakers

  • The Legacy of Christianity to Bioethics - Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, MACP
  • Choosing the Good: Recapturing Moral Imagination and Courage in the Midst of Complexity and Challenge - Dennis Hollinger, PhD
  • The Noble Pursuit of Medicine in Resource Challenged Times - David Stevens, MD, MA
  • Does Biotechnology Have a Human Face? How 21st Century Biotech Research Can Affirm Human Dignity and Contribute to Human Flourishing - Kevin FitzGerald, SJ, PhD, PhD
  • Colloquium: Can Bioethics Be Christian?
    • After Christendom: Christian Bioethics in an Alien Culture - H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr., MD, PhD
    • Our Hope for the Future: The Scandal and Failure of Secular Bioethics and the Necessity for a Christian Voice - C. Christopher Hook, MD
    • Bioethics as Witness - Daniel Sulmasy, MD, PhD



  • Intensive Bioethics Institute - Paige C. Cunningham, JD
  • Advanced Bioethics Institute - Michael Sleasman, PhD
  • Emerging Issues in Reproductive Technology and Women's Health Institute -- Donna Harrison, MD
  • Pre-Med/Undergraduate Bioethics Institute - Joyce Shelton, PhD
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Wrap-Around Course - Ferdinand D. Yates, Jr., MD
  • Graduate Wrap-Around Course - Hans Madueme, MD, PhD Candidate and Dennis Hollinger, PhD
  • Post-Conference Seminar: Engaging Bioethics in the Church - Keith Plummer, PhD
  • Post-Conference Seminar: Justice and Global Medicine - C. Christopher Hook, MD and Claretta Y. Dupree, PhD



  • Clinical Ethics - Robert Orr, MD
  • Science Policy - Michelle Kirtley, PhD
  • End-of-Life - John Dunlop, MD and Rob Moll
  • Human Nature in the Legal Balance: Fixed and Finite, or Flexible and Fashionable? - Alliance Defense Fund
  • The Collision of Old World Law and Medical Ethics - National Embryo Donation Center


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