Webinar: A Sustainable Model for Reducing Maternal Mortality


This webinar featuring Dr. Jameela George was hosted as part of Her Dignity Network's awareness campaign focused on the issue of addressing maternal mortality. The webinar was originally hosted on August 5, 2014. For more information on the original webinar or more information about maternal mortality, please visit here. Her Dignity Network is part of the Center's initiative in global women's health. To learn more information about the Her Dignity, please visit the Network's website at https://HerDignity.net.

Dr. Jameela George will discuss the medical causes of maternal mortality, as well as the socio-cultural, economic, and topographical factors contributing to maternal mortality in the context of rural India. Through the SHARE Project, Dr. George and her colleagues have developed an emergency referral system that is dynamic, results-oriented, and replicable. It is our hope that this sustainable model might be adopted in other contexts to reduce maternal mortality and promote the health and dignity of women.

The Share Project’s community-based model is built around the promotion of institutional deliveries, the creation of educational programming, strategic alliance with healthcare providers and transportation infrastructure, and the empowerment of women.

Jameela George, MBBS is the former Director of the SHARE project. After graduating from Madurai Medical College, she began working as a Medical officer in various rural areas of India. Dr. George started the Jivan Jyoti Health Centre in Maharashtra, and has pioneered multiple community health and development projects with the Emmanuel Hospital Association. In 2009, she was a GBEI scholar with The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity in Deerfield, IL. Currently, she is the Executive Director of The Centre for Bioethics in India.