Teresa Iglesias

Teresa Iglesias, DPhil
Guest Contributor

Teresa Iglesias, DPhil, is an academic philosopher and ethicist. She has served as a University Lecturer in Philosophy and Medical Ethics atUniversity College Dublin, with particular expertise in the field of Bioethics. In 1998, she was a visiting scholar at the University of Chicago, Committee of Social Thought, working on a project with Leon Kass.

She holds degrees in Philosophy from Madrid University (LicFil, and DFil), University College Dublin (BA and MA) and Somerville College,Oxford University (DPhil), and has held a Visiting Fellowship of the Royal Irish Academy at New Hall College, Cambridge University.

Dr. Iglesias is a member of various professional bodies in bioethics and philosophy, and the author of two books, Study in Euthanasia in Clinical Practice, (London, 1984) and IVF and Justice (London 1990), and of numerous articles. She previously served as a fellow with The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity.