Kathy McReynolds

Kathy McReynolds, PhD

>Dr. McReynolds graduated with a BA in Christian Education at Biola University, and then went on to earn an MA in Systematic Theology at the Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. After earning her degrees, she took five years off, wrote five books, had three children, and then went on to earn her PhD in Ethics at the University of Southern California.

>She is a professor in the Bible Department at Biola University where she has taught for the past 15 years. In July 2007, Kathy became the Director of Public Policy at the Christian Institute on Disability at Joni and Friends. Her responsibilities included writing, speaking, and networking with other like-minded scholars. In July 2010, Kathy accepted the position as the Director of Academic Studies at the Christian Institute on Disability.