Joyce Shelton

Joyce Shelton, PhD

Dr. Shelton received her BS from New Mexico State University and her PhD from University of New Mexico School of Medicine. She is a Professor of Biology at Trinity International University, where she has taught in both graduate and undergraduate programs for 27 years. Prior to coming to Trinity, she was an NIH postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University where she did research in developmental biology, immunology, and reproductive biology and had publications in these areas. She also has interests in the field of bioethics. She has taught courses in bioethics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Shelton has served for many years as the Director of the Undergraduate Bioethics Institute, which meets prior to CBHD’s summer conference. She was instrumental in the development of the dual degree (BA/MA) in bioethics at Trinity and advises dual degree students. While at Trinity she has been Chair of the Health Sciences Department, Associate Dean, and interim Academic Dean of Trinity Graduate School. She currently serves as Chair of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee and Director of the Division of Science, Technology and Health. She lives in Glenview, IL with her husband, Bernie.