Fetal Tissue Research and Christian Bioethics: Abbreviations



ABR Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc.  
AMA American Medical Association  
BLT bone marrow, liver, thymus, e.g. BLT mice  
CDF Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith  
CMP Center for Medical Progress  
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services  
FTR fetal tissue research  
HEK human embryonic kidney, e.g. HEK293 cells  
hESCs human embryonic stem cells  
HeLa continuous cell line named after Henrietta Lacks  
HHS Department of Health and Human Services  
hiPSCs human induced pluripotent stem cells  
HIS human immune system, e.g., HIS mice  
HFT human fetal tissue  
iPSCs induced pluripotent stem cells  
LoM lung-only mouse  
NBB NeuroBioBank  
NIH National Institutes of Health  
NMDP National Marrow Donor Program  
OPOs organ procurement organizations  
PBMCs peripheral blood mononuclear cells  
TPOs tissue procurement organizations