Ethics and Theology of Synthetic Gametes: Welcome


This presentation was a session at the Center's 2012 Academy of Fellows Consultation on "The Ethics and Theology of Synthetic Gametes" held on November 3, 2012. For more information on the consultation visit here.



This event examined the following questions: should we be able to create synthetic sperm and eggs for reproductive purposes? Will children born from such procedures be at elevated risk for biological and/or sociological problems?

Attendees explored cutting-edge ethical and theological questions surrounding the development of novel procedures in the artificial creation of human gametes.

Some themes examined including:

  • The scientific and ethical issues surrounding the use of stem cells and maternal spindle transfer.
  • The theological foundations for and implications of creating synthetic gametes for reproduction.
  • Understanding the ethical and theological role of gametes in procreation as a basis for engaging a broad range of bioethical issues in reproductive technology and ethics.


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