Mary B. Adam

Mary B. Adam, MD, MA, PhD, FAAP

Dr. Adam is a pediatrician working in medical education and public health based at AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya, where she is the Director of the Kijabe Maternal Newborn Community Health Project. She completed her medical school and pediatric residency training at the University Of Arizona College Of Medicine. She has worked as a consultant in research methods and program evaluation for health education programs with a focus on maternal newborn health and teen pregnancy, STD and HIV prevention. Dr. Adam has served on workgroups for the NIH and the Centers for Disease Control to evaluate the effectiveness of condoms in STD prevention and condom research methodology and currently serves on the Community Health Services Technical Work Group for the Kenyan Ministry of Health. Her ongoing interest in public health in developing countries was fueled in 2007-2008 when she spent a year in Kenya courtesy of a Fulbright Research Award in HIV prevention and resulted in her relocating to Kenya. In addition to publications on health promotion and prevention, Dr. Adam has published a variety of work in bioethics and has served the American Academy of Pediatrics as member and chair of the Section of Bioethics.

Updated September 2018