Christina Bieber Lake

Christina Bieber Lake, PhD
Conference Speaker

Christina Bieber Lake, PhDDr. Christina Bieber Lake is the Clyde S. Kilby professor of English at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, where she teaches classes in contemporary American literature and literary theory. She is the author of Prophets of the Posthuman: American Fiction, Biotechnology, and the Ethics of Personhood (University of Notre Dame Press), a book that draws upon theological resources as it investigates, through fiction, the motivations for human enhancement. Prophets of the Posthuman won the 2014 Aldersgate prize for integrative Christian scholarship.

Dr. Bieber Lake frequently contributes essays on fiction, ethics, and film to Books & Culture and The Cresset, as well as scholarly journals. She is a frequent contributor to scholarly work on Flannery O'Connor, and her book The Incarnational Art of Flannery O’Connor (Mercer University Press), describes how O’Connor viewed fiction as an ideal way to fight Gnostic dualisms prevalent in American intellectual and religious life. She is currently completing a manuscript, Beyond the Story, which argues that storytelling is inherently theological.

Dr. Bieber Lake lives in Carol Stream, Illinois with her husband Stephen, and her son, Donovan.


Updated September 2017