Cheyn D. Onarecker

Cheyn D. Onarecker, MD, MA
Chair of the Healthcare Ethics Council

Cheyn OnareckerDr. Onarecker is the Program Director of St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After graduating from medical school at Oral Roberts University, he completed a family medicine residency at Carswell Air Force Base, left active duty military medicine and, with two colleagues, developed St. Anthony Family Medicine Residency, where he has taught and practiced for the last 22 years. Dr. Onarecker completed a fellowship in academic medicine at the Faculty Development Center in Waco, Texas and recently finished his MA in Bioethics at Trinity International University. Dr. Onarecker currently serves as the Chair of the Healthcare Ethics Council for The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity, and an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Ethics with Trinity Graduate School. He and his wife, Sarah, live in Edmond, Oklahoma where they attend Life Church and spend much of their free time keeping up with six children and two grandchildren.

Updated June 2018