Biofiction: Cloning Edition



CBHD often receives requests from educators and other individuals for popular resources that engage bioethics through various media (fiction, film, and television). In this resource, we offer an overview of materials relevant to cloning in fictional books and series. Readers are cautioned that these works represent a wide variety of genres and may not be appropriate for all audiences. If there is a work you think we missed, email us at



  • Oliver, Lauren. Replica (Harper Collins, 2016)  
    • (Topic: Genetic Engineering, Human Cloning, Informed Consent, Personhood, Research Ethics)
  • Polansky, Stephen. The Bradbury Report: A Novel (Weinstein, 2010)
    • Pseudonymous chronicle of Raymond Bradbury, a retired teacher in New England, who encounters his copy (Alan) - A human clone who has been created as part of the U.S. government's solution to the developing healthcare crisis by creating a ready supply of spare organs. Ray's copy is the first known escape from the heavily guarded government cloning farms, and Ray is brought into a conspiracy to help Alan evade government capture. (Topics: Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide, Healthcare Ethics, Human Cloning, Organ Trafficking, Personhood)
  • Reynolds, Alastair. The House of Suns (Ace, 2009)
    • (Topics: Artificial Intelligence, Cloning, Neuroethics, Posthumanism/Transhumanism, Radical Life Extension)



Updated Summer 2019