2019 Taking Care: Perspectives for the End of Life Conference Audio


An MP3 audio set containing 29 sessions from the 2019 Summer Conference Taking Care: Perspectives for the End of Life including all 7 plenary sessions and 22 parallel paper sessions:

  • Reclaiming the Lost Art of Dying - Lydia S. Dugdale, MD, MAR
  • Biblical and Theological 'Givens' for Responsible Christian Thinking About Death - D. A. Carson, PhD
  • Empirical Perspectives on Care at the End of Life - Tracy A. Balboni, MD, MPH
  • PAS and Aid in Dying: Lessons from the Netherlands - Theo A. Boer, PhD
  • Care Taking in Secular Bioethics - Jon C. Tilburt, MD, MPH
  • Eyes to See, Ears to Hear: Seeking Shalom for Those Dying at the Margins - Patrick T. Smith, PhD
  • Dignity and Life on the Line: Ending Well - John F. Kilner, PhD
  • Parallel Sessions: Is the Slippery Slope Argument Valid? The Trajectory of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia - Richard Weikart, PhD | Brain Death – When are You Dead? Depends on Who Says - Christine Toevs, MD, MA | Puberty Suppression for the Purpose of Exploring a Transgender Identity: A Christian Critique - J. Alan Branch, PhD | Pygmies and Astomi and Sciopods, Oh My! Augustine, Disability, and the Resurrection - Benjamin Parks, MDiv, MA | Human Germline Editing: A Theological and Bioethical Discussion - Edward D. Manzo, JD, MA | Taking Care: Conatus Passio, Healing and the (Re)Embracing of Mortality in End-of-Life Medicine - Nicholas R. Brown, PhD | For the Greater Good? Death by Organ Donation as the Loss of Tragedy, the Body, and the Identity of Medicine - Todd T. W. Daly, PhD | The Ethics of Cessation of Eating and Drinking - Edward R. Grant, JD | What’s It All About, Alfie? The Role of Government in Health Care - Colleen McCormick, APRN, CRNA, MA; read by Karen Froelich | Made in the Image of Man: A Christian Response to CRISPR Associated Germline Editing - Kyle J. McNamara, BA, MA | The “Good Life” in Biblical and Theological Perspective - Mario Tafferner, MA | Compassionate Ventilator Withdrawal: Can Euthanasia be Disguised by Misapplication of Double Effect? - David E. Smith, MD, MA | Deserting Patient-Centered Care: A Genealogy and Critique of Contemporary Ethics in Ending Life - Lester Liao, MD, MTS | Trying to Live Forever? Christian Views on and Responses to Radical Life Extension - Bryan A. Just, BA, MA | The Quest for Harmony in Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare in Kenya - Stephen O. Mehudia, MSc, MBChB, MMed | Reconciled Paradigms? Perspectives from Belgium on Integrated Palliative Care - Lilian Quinones, BS | Your Sickness Is Not Your Cross: Illness, Suffering, and Theologies of Discipleship for the Dying - Aaron Klink, ThM | Brain Death and Cardiac Death: Scientific Discoveries or Legal Fiction to Permit Organ Harvesting? - Paul K. Lim, JD | The Virtues and Vices of ‘Evidence-Based Medicine’ from a Christian Perspective - Manuel A. Cota, Jr., MA | Using Works of Fiction to Explore End-of-Life Issues: The Works of Jason Mott - Claretta Y. Dupree, RN, MSN, PhD | Ethics Dilemmas from a Geriatrician’s Casebook - Peter L. Jaggard, MD, MA | A Christology of Mental Illness - Timothy Mroweic, MA

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