2018 Bioethics & Being Human Conference Audio


An MP3 audio set containing 28 sessions from the 2018 Summer Conference Bioethics & Being Human including the opening framing session, all 8 plenary sessions, the final reframing session, and 18 parallel paper sessions:

  • Framing the Discussion: Why Humanness Is the Key to Bioethics - Dennis Hollinger, PhD
  • Bad Ghostwriters in God's Grand Narrative of Creation: Idolatry, Biotechnology, and Bioethics - C. Christopher Hook, MD
  • Being Human in an Age of Brain Politics - Warren Kinghorn, MD, ThD
  • From Selection to Surveillance: The Evolving Relationship between Genetics, Ethics, and Human Identity - Paul Scherz, PhD, PhD
  • "It's (Still) Alive!": Dr. Frankenstein's Hideous Progeny - Christina Bieber Lake, PhD
  • Mortal Shock: Shelley's Frankenstein and the Monsters We Have Become - Read Mercer Schuchardt, PhD
  • Pursuing Justice for Humans - Morse Tan, JD
  • Humanae Vitae and Pope Paul VI's Vision of the Human Person - Pia de Solenni, SThD
  • Biotechnology and Human Flourishing in Christian Perspective - Stephen Williams, PhD
  • Bioethics & Being Human: Reframing the Discussion - Michael Sleasman
  • Parallel Sessions: Erik Clary - Bioethics and Being Non-Human: Why Putting "Old Shep" Down May Be the Right Thing to Do, but Not So for Uncle Joe |  Christine Toevs - Voluntarily Stop Eating and Drinking: Logistics and Ethical Implications | Annie Friedrich - Is Being Present with the Suffering Enough: A Christian examination of Social Justice in Pediatric BMT Unit | Daniel Fleming - Covenant Epistemology in the Asymmetric Doctor-Patient Relationship | Stephen Greggo - Counseling & Ethical Bracketing: Hosting Conversations at the Heart of Humanity | Peter Jaggard - Are Older Adults a Burden? Beign Human, Bearing the Burden of Mortality, and Fulfilling the Law of Christ | Gregory Rutecki - Medical Humanities and "The Hidden Dying of Doctors": Bioethical Implications |  Russell DiSilvestro - Did Jesus Look Like Joseph, or Mary, or Neither? Genetics, Incarnation, and a Few Surprises about Being Human |  Valerie De Wandel - The Fundamental Things Aplly as Time Goes By: Defending Life for In Vitro Embryos | Eric La Rock - Consciousness and Persons without Reductionism: Touching Churchland's Nerve | Mihretu Guta & Scott Rae - Bracketed Issue: A Case for Metaphysical Foundation for Bio-Ethics with an Emphasis on Human Personhood | Drew Everhart - Trinitarian Participation and a Theology of Procreation | Todd Daly - Synthetic Biology and Human Nature in Light of the Incarnation | Nicholas Williams - Blurring Lines: The Near Future of Augmented Reality and Its Ethical Implications for Memory and Identity | Paige Cunningham - Exploration, Proficiency, and Mastery: How Evangelical Pastors Become Confident Leaders in Bioethics | Benjamin Parks - Simon Magus Physicus: on teh Magical Impulse of Studies on Intecessory Prayer | Jacob Shatzer - Robots, Leisure, and Being Human | Christopher Ostert - Defining Life through Death

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