2017 Genetic & Reproductive Technologies Conference Audio


An MP3 audio set containing 26 sessions from the 2017 Summer Conference Genetic & Reproductive Technologies including the opening framing session, all 7 plenary sessions, the final conference panel discussion, and 17 parallel paper sessions:

  • Genetic & Reproductive Technologies: Framing the Discussion - Paige Comstock Cunningham, JD, PhD
  • Begotten or Made? - C. Ben Mitchell, PhD
  • The Ethics of Artificial Serm and Eggs - Calum MacKellar, PhD
  • Prenatal Screening & Testing - David Prentice, PhD
  • CRISPR: Limits: Authoring and Authorizing Human Futures in the Era of Gene Editing - J. Benjamin Hurlbut, PhD
  • Colloquium: Protestant, Catholic, & Orthodox Approaches to Reproductive Technologies
    • Marie T. Hilliard, JCL, PhD, RN
    • Scott B. Rae, PhD
    • Gayle E. Woloschak, PhD
    • Panel Discussion
  • Parallel Sessions: Russel DiSilvestro - Capabilities, Rights, and Sex-Selective Abortions |  Heather Prior - The Role of Christian Faith in Decisions about Fertility Treatments | Dennis Durst - Theology of Disability, Eugenics, and Newgenics | Paul Golata - The Ethics of Chimeric Design: A Christian View of the Moral Implications of Enhancements to Human Intelligence through Manipulation of the Human Mind | Lindsay Callaway - Are Reproductive Technologies Good for Women? Insights from Feminist Theological Anthropology | Courtney Thiele - Elusive Consensus: Considering the Case of Genetic Modification | Timothy Mrowiec - Ethical Considerations in Potential Treatment for Down Syndrome |  Heather Zeiger - Media Coverage of the Zika Virus: The Ethics of Reporting on Diseases |  Christine Toevs - Autonomy: When Is Choice Not a Choice? | Todd Daly - Will a Morality Pill Save Humanity? A Christian Approach to Moral Bioenhancement | Gregory Rutecki - Affirming Human Dignity within a Culture of Disbelief | Bryan Just - Early Christians on Abortion: Contrasts to the Prevailing Greek, Roman, and Jewish Cultures | Jula Bolzon - Conception and Human Destiny: The Meaning of Reprogenetics on Parenthood and the Child | Edward Grant - Euthanasia and the Rule of Law: How Courts and Legislators Transgress the Boundaries of Clinical Practice | Michael Sleasman - Analyzing Attitudes and Use of Cognitive Enhancement among Christian College Students: A Preliminary Study | Manuel Cota - Scientism and the Embryo in Bioethics: A Critique of the Epistemology of Delayed Hominization | Michael Cox - From Life-Ethic to Bioethic: A Paradigmatic Approach to Deuteronomy

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