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Our Preconference Workshops explore practical dimensions of topics that are at the forefront of contemporary conversations in bioethics. The workshops are designed to be interactive and are an opportunity for collegial engagement and discussion. 

Designing Babies: Science, Ethics, and Policies of a
Post-Genomic Era (June 25, 2020)

The first draft sequence of the human genome was announced in 2001. Since that discovery, several significant advancements have been made in defining the genes in our body and determining what constitutes “normal” and “abnormal.” As a result, genetic information can be used to heal and provide personalized treatment, but it can also lead to harm through eugenics and discrimination. Advancements in science have resulted in a society that can now design a child who carries, or does not carry, specific traits that we as a society deem worthy or not worthy of inheritance. How did we get here and where are we headed? Current clinical practices in reproductive medicine and prenatal genetic testing foster this mentality of playing God and creating the “perfect” child. New science technologies on the horizon are also helping to define this new era with significant challenges and risks to the human race. Gene editing, cloning, three-parent embryos, and chimeras are all contestants in this global scientific quest for discovery and treatment of disease. The ethics of these techniques, their reliance upon and manipulation of human embryos, and direct impact on society will be discussed. Current policies in the United States and globally will also be evaluated in order to better understand the respective national and international guidelines working to frame this discussion.

Workshop led by:

David Prentice, PhD

Tara Sander Lee, PhD

Co-Sponsored by:
Charlotte Lozier Institute

5.5  CME AAFP Prescribed Credits Available