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Q. With all of the changes, what events are scheduled for CBHD this summer?

A. Despite the changes resulting from COVID-19, CBHD is still offering many of the same activities it has in the past, but in a modified, online format. We have four summer bioethics classes, a pre-conference workshop (“Designing Babies: Science, Ethics, and Policies of a Post-Genomic Era”), our online conference (Bioethics in Real Life: Lessons We’re Learning from COVID-19), and a post-conference seminar (“Global Medicine & Disaster Ethics”). We hope you are able to join us!

Q. I am interested in attending the online conference, but I’m too busy / working / in a different time zone. Can I still participate?

A. You can! All of our conference sessions will be recorded and kept available “on demand” for several weeks after the conference, so you will have plenty of time to participate at your own pace.

Q. What time will the online conference begin?

A. The conference will begin at 9:00 AM Central time.

Q. What should I expect from the online conference?

A. The conference will feature several lectures dealing with various aspects of the current pandemic (for more information on speakers and topics, please visit our “Speakers” page). The conference will also include several workshops sponsored by our partnering organizations.

Q. Will there by paper or poster presentations?

A. We had a strong slate of paper presentations planned, and we will be offering these as part of our conference in 2021, Bioethics & the Body. We hope you will join us then to hear these presentations on cutting-edge topics in bioethics.

Q. Are there any options for continuing medical education credit (CME)?

A. Yes! Our preconference workshop “Designing Babies: Science, Ethics, and Policies of a Post-Genomic Era” (June 25, 2020, 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM) is eligible for up to 5.5 hours of CME credit and is offered entirely online. Please note that you must attend this session “live” to be eligible for credit. We are also looking into getting CME approval for several additional sessions, so please check back regularly for further updates.

Q. This all sounds interesting—how can I register?

A. Please visit our registration site at https://cbhd.brushfire.com/conf2020/466571.

Q. I registered for the conference; how do I access the materials?

A. A few days before the conference, all registrants will receive an email containing a direct link to the conference site that will allow them to access all of the conference materials. This link will be good for several weeks, so you are able to leave and come back if that is better for your schedule.

Q. What if I previously registered for the Bioethics and the Body conference?

A. We recognize that not everyone will be able to make our 2021 conference, and that financial concerns are myriad during this time. Thus, we wanted to be sure to offer a variety of options for those who have already registered and paid. You may:

  1. Maintain your registration for Bioethics and the Body in 2021. And, if you wish, perform a separate registration for our 2020 conference, Bioethics in Real Life: Lessons We're Learning from Covid-19.
  2. Transfer your registration from Bioethics and the Body to Bioethics in Real Life and receive a partial refund.
  3. Transfer your registration from Bioethics and the Body to Bioethics in Real Life and donate the remaining balance to CBHD’s general fund.
  4. Donate your full conference payment to CBHD as a tax-deductible gift.
  5. Receive a full refund.

Simply email bajust@cbhd.org with your preferred option and we will be happy to work with you.

Q. I signed up for one of the bioethics courses. Will these still be running?

A. Yes, we are still running several bioethics courses in 2020. Check our course page for more details.

Q. Will the bioethics courses be offered online?

A. Yes, all bioethics courses have been moved to an online-only format.

Q. It’s great that the courses are online, but what if I’m in a different time zone?

A. Though there are a few “live” elements to the classes, all of the content will be recorded and available to view “on demand” for those participating. Please contact the professor of record for each course if you have specific questions.

Q. If I register for a course, do I also need to register for the conference?

A. You do not! All students will receive complementary conference registration, and you will be added manually by CBHD staff, so there is nothing further for you to do. You will receive the same email with access information received by all other conference participants.

Q. Will everything about Bioethics and the Body be the same next year?

A. Yes and no. Due to scheduling conflicts, there may be changes made to the lineup of speakers, and certain aspects (such as the preconference workshops / classes) may also change. The majority of our speakers have already confirmed for 2021, so changes should be relatively minimal. A full line-up of speakers will be made available by fall of 2020; check our conference page then for more details.

Q. I was accepted as a parallel paper presenter for 2020. Can I still participate in 2021?

A. Absolutely! Parallel papers that were accepted in 2020 will be eligible to present in 2021. Simply email bajust@cbhd.org to reserve your spot. We will reserve spaces for all those accepted in 2020 until October 31, 2020. If we have not heard from you by this date, you will not be guaranteed a spot in the 2021 conference.

Q. I am interested in attending Bioethics and the Body in 2021; when will it be held?

A. The 2021 conference will take place the last weekend of June: Thursday the 24th through Saturday the 26th.

Q. I was not accepted / did not apply to present a parallel paper in 2020. Will there be an opportunity to apply for 2021?

A. Yes, we will be holding a general call for papers beginning in November of 2020 for presentation at the 2021 conference. Please check our website for additional information about submitting a paper.

Q. I have a question not answered here; who should I contact?

A. Please email Bryan Just at bajust@cbhd.org with all conference-related inquires, and he will get back to you as soon as possible.


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