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 CBHD Conference Pricing

  Member Non-Members Student/
Early Career Professional/
Conference Only: Early Bird Rate
(through 3.01.2019)
$249 $299 $99
Conference Only: Standard Rate
(after 3.01.2019)
$299 $349 $99
One-Day Conference Rates




Intensive or Advanced Institute** $430 $480 $430
One Day Preconference Workshop $100 $150 $100
Preconference Workshop Package
(includes both workshops)
$170 $220 $170
Basic Bioethics Institute for Professionals
(includes conference)
$350 $400 $270
Postconference Seminar $250 $300 $250

*Student is defined as those who are enrolled in an educational institution at least part-time. Early Career Professional is defined as within 5 years postgraduation from their most recent degree. To receive the discounted price, students not attending the conference or courses for academic credit must email a copy of their student ID to the Event Manager at events@cbhd.org. If an ID is not received via email at the time the registration is submitted, the registrant will be charged the standard registration fee.

**An error was made in the print conference brochure. Non-credit students attending the Intensive or Advanced Institute must register for the conference, as well. 

Past conference attendees may bring first-time guests for the promotional rate of $99 per first-time guest. Guest registrations must be purchased by the initial registrant.

All prices listed for institutes, preconference workshops, and seminars are the non-credit rate. If you desire to take a course for academic credit, you must register through the Records Office at Trinity International University. If you are not currently a student at TIU and would like academic credit, contact the University’s Admissions Office, (800) 345-8337.

Meals are available for purchase in Trinity's Hawkins Dining Hall during the conference.

Cancellations prior to May 15 will incur a $25 processing fee.

No refunds will be granted after May 15.

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