CBHD's 24th Annual Conference

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity's
24th Annual Summer Conference
Genetic & Reproductive Technologies

Synthetic gametes and 3-parent embryos, prenatal screening, CRISPR, IVF: Genetic and reproductive technologies continue to advance at breakneck speed, often without consideration of their underlying values. Many of the fundamental questions remain unanswered (and even unasked) about these developments. What does it mean to be human? Does the instrumental making (and remaking) of humans distort our understanding of what it means to be human? In what ways do these new technologies benefit us?

Join us as we explore current genetic and reproductive technologies with consideration of the ethical and theological implications for our individual and common humanity.

Hear from leading experts, engage in charitable dialogue, and network with other professionals interested in Christian bioethics.

Conference Objectives:

Identify the prospects and challenges for the evolving landscape of bioethical engagement within the context of shifting global and societal realities and advances in medicine and biotechnology.

Explore & discuss the ethical implications of recent developments in medicine, science, and technology with respect to our individual and common humanity.

Evaluate contemporary bioethical discourses in light of ethical approaches that include philosophical, religious, and other perspectives from the medical humanities.

Promote interdisciplinary engagement on pressing bioethical issues.

Marie T. Hilliard,

National Catholic Bioethics Center
J. Benjamin Hurlbut,

Arizona State University
Calum MacKellar,

Scottish Council on Human Bioethics
C. Ben Mitchell,

Union University
David A. Prentice,

Charlotte Lozier Institute
Scott B. Rae,

Talbot School of Theology
Gayle E. Woloschak,

Northwestern University

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In Partnership with:
Americans United for Life Nurses Christian Fellowship Christian Medical and Dental Associations
American Association of Pro-life Ostetricians & Gynocologists American Association of Pro-life Ostetricians & Gynocologists

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