Case Studies

Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Experiencing Differences Between European and American End-of-Life Care

An American mother no longer wishes to care for her handicapped child. Should the American system allow a European-trained physician to address euthanasia for the purpose of organ donation?

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Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: Capitulation to a Patient’s Demands

Should a patient and family be allowed to demand continued medical or surgical care when the physicians believe that the patient will not benefit from further attempts at curative therapy?

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Clinical Ethics Dilemmas: How Does the Doctor Decide Between Cost and Care?

Should a pediatrician use a less expensive and well-established vaccination product with adequate reimbursement rather than a newer, more expensive version with better bacterial protection that has a lower profit margin?

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Adolescent Confidentiality: An Uneasy Truce

How should a physician respond to multiple-party claims of authority?

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End-of-Life Care in the Long-Term Cancer Survivor

How should the family and the medical team proceed with medical care when there is conflict over treatment options in a long-term cancer survivor in the absence of clear surrogacy?

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The Need to Know: Disclosure of Information to Pediatric Patients

Should a nine-year old patient be told about her terminal medical condition?

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To Dialyze or Not to Dialyze

Is it mandatory to dialyze a combative patient who is a threat to himself and to others?
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Continuing "Futile" ICU Support at Relative's Insistence

Must we continue "futile" ICU support for this dying man at the insistence of his son?

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On the Permissibility of a DNR Order for Patient with Dismal Prognosis

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Is it ethically permissible to write a DNR order and withdraw the ventilator from this patient with a dismal prognosis?

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