Bioethics in Transition

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity 
21st Annual Summer Conference
June 19-21, 2014 
Trinity International University, Deerfield, IL


CBHD 21st Annual Summer Conference

Rapid advances in medicine, science, and technology continue to reshape the scope and landscape of bioethical reflection through the globalization of medicine and broadening reach of science and technology into everyday life.

The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity’s 21st Annual Summer Conference Bioethics in Transition pauses to take stock of the complex conversations that have arisen as new innovations challenge older ethical paradigms, and expand beyond the boundaries of classical ethical questions.

Conference Objectives:

Identify the prospects and challenges for the evolving landscape of bioethical engagement within the context of shifting global and societal realities and advances in medicine and biotechnology.

Explore & discuss the ethical implications of recent developments in medicine, science, and technology with respect to our individual and common humanity.

Evaluate contemporary bioethical discourses in light of ethical approaches that include philosophical, religious, and other perspectives from the medical humanities.

Promote interdisciplinary engagement on pressing bioethical issues.

Plenary Speakers

  • Conference Welcome & Framing the Discussion - Michael Sleasman, PhD
  • Enduring Issues in Bioethics - Gilbert C. Meilaender, PhD
  • Dead Brains and Cold Hearts - Jeffrey P. Bishop, PhD
  • From Biomedical Ethics to Global Bioethics - Henk ten Have, MD, PhD 
  • Transitions and Trends in Bioethics:  Rural Health Care Ethics and Inter-Professional Education - Lisa Anderson-Shaw, DrPH, MA, MSN 
  • Bioethics in Public Policy: The Past and Future Challenge - Richard M. Doerflinger, MA
  • Reframing the Discussion - Paige C. Cunningham, JD



  • Intensive Bioethics Institute - Paige Comstock Cunningham, JD
  • Advanced Bioethics Institute - Michael Sleasman, PhD
  • Contemporary Issues in Bioethics 
  • Undergraduate Bioethics Institute - Joyce Shelton, PhD
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Wrap-Around Course - Ferdinand D. Yates, Jr., MD
  • Graduate Wrap-Around Course - Hans Madueme, MD, PhD Candidate with guest lectures by Dennis Hollinger, PhD
  • Post-Conference Seminar - Beyond Suffering Seminar - Kathy McReynolds, PhD with Karen Roberts, DWS


1-Day Preconference Workshops

  • Clinical Practice in Transition | "Conscience & the Professional" Clarke Forsythe, JD; "EMRs & the Changing Clinical Encounter" Joseph P. Gibes, MD; "Developments in Women's Health & Preventive Care" Susan Haack, MD; "DSM V & the Healthcare Professional" Miriam Stark Parent, PhD
  • Pandemics and Disaster Bioethics  | Dónal O'Mathúna, PhD


Themed Workshops

  • The Pro-Life Movement in Transition: Focusing on Maternal Health in Life Affirming Laws and Litigation | Hosted by Americans United for Life with Mailee Smith, JD
  • Private Lives, Public Decisions, Global Concerns | Hosted by CBHD with Claretta Dupree, PhD
  • Human Trafficking: Transitioning from Indifference to Ethics and Engagement  | Hosted by Christian Medical & Dental Associations with Sharon Falkenheimer, MD, MPH, MA
  • Ethics Surrounding Maternal Brain Death, Prolonging Life Support, and the Unborn Child | Hosted by Family Research Council with Arina Grossu, MA
  • When the Eye Sees, the Mind Knows | Hosted by Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture with D. Joy Riley, MD and special guest artists


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