Bioethics for the Church

Is it okay to remove my mother’s ventilator? There are so many technologies to treat infertility; how do we know which ones to try? Should I tell my relatives about the results of my genetic test?


All of us will make at least one bioethical decision in our lifetime. When that possibly stressful moment comes, how can we know what to do? As a Christian bioethics research center, CBHD is committed not only to generating credible scholarship, but also to helping Christians make wise, moral decisions about medicine and technology. Bioethics for the Church is our initiative that represents a key aspect of our organizational vision: that a Christian conception of bioethics is lived out by the church.

Bioethics for the Church provides resources that unpack complex issues in understandable language to help pastors and parishioners, whether the need is to teach, learn, or make a decision in the moment. These are hosted on and the Christian Biowiki respectively, two additional members of CBHD’s family of websites.

  • Issues (beginning of life, infertility & reproduction, healthcare & medicine, science & technology, end of life)
  • Short audio commentaries
  • Articles
  • Bibliographies of recommended readings
  • Commentaries
  • Curriculum
  • Foundations (foundational concepts and ideas)
  • Biobasics (basic introductions to issues)
  • Bioethics in Culture
  • Intersections: written by and for pastors and Christian leaders, this is a forum for discussing the Christian Life in our MedTech age


The Christian Biowiki

  • An online guide to denominational and organizational statements on bioethical issues
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