The Bioethics Podcast 2021

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Breathtaking Decisions: Ethics at the End of Life

The following lecture by Robert D. Orr, MD, was originally presented at Cutting Edge Bioethics: Human Life on the Line in 2005. All sessions from this conference are available to CBHD members here: 

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Biblical and Theological 'Givens' for Responsible Christian Thinking About Death

The following lecture by D. A. Carson, Ph.D. was originally presented at CBHD's 26th Annual Conference Taking Care: Perspectives for the End of Life. All conference sessions are available for purchase here:

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The Importance of Theological Grounding


In this episode of the podcast, Bryan Just, CBHD's Event & Executive Services Manager, addresses a crucial and much-needed skill to manage today's MedTech world. Bryan's article comes to us from our Intersections forum which is located on our website,

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When Hippocrates Met Kurzweil: Questions for Human Dignity in the 21st Century

The following lecture by Nigel M. de S. Cameron, PhD, MBA was originally presented at 2015 Summer conference Science, Research, and the Limits of Bioethics.

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Are Adenovirus Vaccines (Such as Johnson & Johnson’s) Ethical and Safe

This episode is an update of our recent article "Corona Virus Vaccine Ethics."

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Prenatal Diagnosis: An Overview of Testing Methods, Their Accuracy, Availability, and Use

David Prentice, PhD, of the Family Research Council, on "Prenatal Diagnosis: An Overview of Testing Methods, Their Accuracy, Availability, and Use" at the Managing an Unexpected Prenatal Diagnosis: Critical Considerations for Counselors, Clinicians, and Friends Conference (July 18, 2013) held at Trinity I

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Moral Injury in the Time of Covid

This podcast episode features a session from our 2020 conference, Bioethics in Real Life: Lessons We're Learning from Covid-19. In it, Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon addresses moral injury in the time of Covid-19.

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