Dignity Vol. 8, No. 1 (Spring 2002)

Table of Contents

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  • Why Human Cloning Must Be Banned Now
    US Congressman Dave Weldon
    Pages 1, 4 [Open Access]
  • In Whose Image? Remaking Humanity through Cybernetics and Nanotechnology
    C. Christopher Hook
    Pages 2–3 [Open Access]
  • Human Machines: A Review of the Movie A.I.
    Paul van der Bijl
    Page 5
  • News from the Field
    Daniel McConchie
    Pages 5–6
  • A Review of the Book Faith @ Science: Why Science Needs Faith in the Twenty-First Century
    Amy B. Coxon
    Page 6
  • Resources
    CBHD Staff
    Page 7
  • Save These Dates
    CBHD Event Staff
    Page 8
  • Center News
    Daniel McConchie
    Page 8


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