Dignitas Vol. 17, No. 3&4 (Fall/Winter 2010)

Table of Contents

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  • Another Breach in Hippocratic Ethics: Shouldn’t Medicine Be More Than a Business?
    Gregory W. Rutecki
    Pages 1, 16 [Open Access]
  • From the Director’s Desk
    Paige C. Cunningham
    Pages 2, 12
  • Bioethics at the Box Office: 2009–2010 Edition
    Alice Kong
    Page 3
  • An Update on the Frontlines of Alternatives to Embryonic Stem Cell Research
    Kristen Riggan
    Pages 4–5 [Open Access]
  • The Discovery of Global Bioethics through an Application of C.S. Lewis’ Thought on the Moral Law
    Kathy McReynolds
    Pages 6–9 [Open Access]
  • Academy of Fellows—Chair: Dónal P. O’Mathúna
    Dónal P. O’Mathúna
    Page 10
  • Healthcare Ethics Council—Co-Chair: Robert D. Orr, Co-Chair: Ferdinand D. Yates
    Robert D. Orr and Ferdinand D. Yates
    Page 11
  • Church Bioethics Network—Co-Chair: Sarah Flashing, Co-Chair: Susan Haack, Co-Chair: Keith Plummer
    Sarah Flashing, Susan M. Haack, and Keith Plummer
    Page 12
  • Introducing Our New Consultant: Michelle Kirtley
    Michelle Kirtley
    Page 13
  • CBHD’s Latest DC Activties
    Michelle Kirtley
    Page 13
  • Global Bioethics Education Initiative
    April Pronto
    Page 14
  • Collaboration and Encounter II
    Colleen McCormick
    Page 15
  • Meet the Staff: April Pronto, Makilah Witt
    April Ponto and Makilah Witt
    Page 16
  • In Memoriam: Stanley Bristol
    April Pronto
    Page 17
  • Top Bioethics Stories: July–December 2010 Edition
    April Ponto
    Pages 18–19
  • Updates & Activities
    CBHD Research Staff
    Page 20


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