Basic Questions on Suicide and Euthanasia: Are They Ever Right?



Basic Questions on Suicide and Euthanasia: Are They Ever Right?

By Gary P. Stewart, William R. Cutrer, Timothy J. Demy, Dónal P. O’Mathúna, Paige C. Cunningham, John F. Kilner, Linda K. Bevington
(Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 1998)

Together with the rest of the BioBasics series, these six books together provide a convenient overview to some of the most pressing and crucial questions of bioethics.

Table of Contents

Foundational Concerns

1. What Is Suicide?
2. What Are Some Myths Regarding Suicide?
3. Why Do People Commit Suicide?
4. What Is the Difference Between Cluster Suicides and Group Suicides?
5. What Is Assisted Suicide or Physician-Assisted Suicide?
6. Why Do People Consider Physician-Assisted Suicide?
7. Is Physician-Assisted Suicide a Moral Option?
8. What Is Euthanasia?
9. What Is the Difference between Active and Passive Euthanasia?
10. How Are Voluntary, Involuntary, and Nonvoluntary Euthanasia Different?
11. What Lies Behind the Increasing Openness to Euthanasia, Especially Physician-Assisted Suicide?
12. Is Euthanasia a Moral Option?
13. How Common Are Suicide, Physician-Assisted Suicide, and Euthanasia?

Theological Issues

14. How Does My View of God Affect My Understanding of Taking Human Life?
15. How Does Human Dignity Relate to Taking Human Life?
16. Are There Any Instances of Suicide in the Bible?
17. Do I Have a “Right to Die”?
18. Is It Wrong for Me to Want to Die?
19. Should Suffering Be Eliminated At All Costs?
20. Is Suicide the Unpardonable Sin?
21. Have Christians Ever Been Open to Suicide?
22. Is There a Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdom?

Legal Questions

23. How Has the Law Historically Viewed Suicide?
24. How Has the Law Historically Viewed Assisted Suicide and Mercy Killing?
25. What Has the Supreme Court Said About Physician-Assisted Suicide?
26. How Does Physician-Assisted Suicide Become Legal?
27. How Do Countries Outside the United States View Physician-Assisted Suicide?
28. What About Euthanasia in the Netherlands?
29. Would the Legalization of Assisted Suicide Justify It Morally?

Medical Concerns

30. How Does the Medical Profession View the Various Forms of Euthanasia?
31. Does Suicide Run in Families?
32. What Is the Suicide Triangle?
33. What Are Some Warning Signs That Suggest a Person May Be Considering Suicide?
34. Can I Still Trust My Physician If He or She Accepts Physician-Assisted Suicide as an Alternative?
35. Is Physician-Assisted Suicide the Only Alternative to Fear of Pain, Fear of Isolation, Loss of Control, and Financial Ruin?

Relational Matters

36. What Are the Effects of Suicide and Physician-Assisted Suicide on Surviving Family and Friends?
37. What Should I Do If I Feel Suicidal or Desire Physician-Assisted Suicide?
38. What Should I Do If I Encounter Someone Whom I Believe Is Suicidal or Who Indicates a Desire for Physician-Assisted Suicide?
39. How Should I Respond to People Who Have Attempted Suicide?
40. How Should I Respond to Someone Close to Me Who Has Lost a Loved One Through Suicide or Physician-Assisted Suicide?


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