Global Bioethics Education Initiative


In 2009, the Center launched the Global Bioethics Education Initiative (GBEI). The purpose of GBEI is to invest in both rising and established international professionals and scholars who will further advance contextually sensitive Christian bioethical engagement globally.

GBEI scholars spend one month of concentrated research and strategic planning at the Center. During this time, participants dialogue with CBHD scholars and fellows to foster mutual learning and professional networking. They also have the opportunity to participate in the Center’s annual summer conference. At the end of the experience, scholars are invited to submit proposals to compete for a GBEI grant. Through this initiative, CBHD continues to cultivate an international network of bioethicists who promote scholarship committed to a Judeo-Christian worldview and the wealth of the Hippocratic tradition in medicine.


How can you participate?

  • Become a GBEI Scholar
    If you fit the description of an international professional or scholar in the field of bioethics follow the link and complete the GBEI application to be considered for this opportunity
  • Recommend a potential GBEI recipient
    If you know of someone who would be an excellent candidate for this initiative, contact CBHD’s Event and Education Manager, Jennifer McVey (
  • Make a Donation
    This initiative is funded completely by generous donations. Go to the online gift form and select 'Global Bioethics Education Initiative' as the designation or contact the Center.


Former Recipients

  • Jennifer Nailes, MD, MSPH (Phippines, 2013)
  • Gemma Balein, DMD, MS, MA (Philippines, 2012)
  • Packiaraj Asirvatham, BD, MA (India, 2012)
  • Andoh Cletus Tandoh (Cameroon, 2011)
  • Janne Nikkinen, DTh (Finland, 2010)
  • Megan Best, MAAE, BMed (Hons), ThA (Australia, 2009)
  • Jameela George, MBBS (India, 2009)

 Megan Best

“I have been encouraged that it is important as a Christian to be involved in bioethics, and to continue what I am doing despite the odds in Australia. The academic standard of the Center has encouraged me to pursue academic excellence in my work and this has helped me set my priorities as I return to Sydney.”

~ Megan Best




Frequently Asked Questions



Application Deadlines:

  • The applications for June 2014 are due December 1, 2013
  • The applications for June 2015 are due December 1, 2014


Application Form: Online or Download